Sketch Vs Reality: Why 2023 Hues Verna Will Not Look Like Teaser, Know Here

Designing a car is a long process that involves using a variety of materials before deciding on the final look of the car. The process begins with an idea that is drawn on paper in the form of a sketch. This idea is converted into design and then the car is put into the manufacturing stage. Even if the design is ready, the final look of the car looks quite different from the sketch. This is because of cost, production limitations and driving conditions.

Recently, Hyundai has released the sketch of the upcoming Verna, which has been liked by the customers. The sketch shows a new design theme, sharper lines on the exterior and bigger wheels to give it a more sporty and premium look. However, the chances of the compact sedan appearing like the teased model are slim.

Sketch Vs Reality: Why 2023 Hues Verna Will Not Look Like Teaser, Know Here

Here we have five such examples of Hyundai cars that show how the pre-launch teaser sketch looks different from the original car:

Hyundai Creta

The difference between the sketch and the SUV is clearly visible in the pictures. Its front profile is almost identical in the photos, while the side profile of the sketch looks bigger in size, the look of the sketch is not visible at all like the original car. The windows and ORVMs are seen to be slim in the sketch, while the doors appear to be massive. The biggest difference between the two pictures is the wheels, the original car gets 17-inch wheels.

Hyundai Aura

Hyundai Aura is also a good example, the original look of this vehicle is quite different from the teaser sketch. In the sketch, the pre-facelift Aura looks more sports car-like with flared wheel arches and a low-riding stance. When the original model of Hyundai Aura was unveiled, the vehicle looked like a conventional sedan car.

Hyundai Alcazar

The sketch of the Hyundai Alcazar is closest to the final model. In both the pictures, the sketch and the original model look identical except for the rake of the A-pillar and higher ground clearance.

Skoda Kushaq

Skoda also showed its new models through design sketches. Compared to the Hyundai models, the sketches of the Skoda company’s cars (especially the Kushaq) are largely similar to the original models. The only difference between the two pictures is the size and design of the alloy wheels.

Skoda Slavia

In the images, the only difference between the teaser sketch of the Skoda Slavia and the original model is the wheels and the stance of the car. The sketched design details are also visible in the production model of this car, but its sketch is a bit sharper.

Will the same happen with the 2023 Hyundai Verna? The look of the design sketch shared by the company will be very similar to the original model, but its production model will definitely undergo several changes according to Indian driving conditions. The biggest change can be seen in the size of the wheels and ground clearance.

The bookings for the new Hyundai Verna have started. This vehicle will be launched in India on 21 March. The price of this compact sedan can start from Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom). It will compete with the Skoda Slavia, Volkswagen Vertes and the Honda City facelift in the segment.

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